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Steamet Aroma Diffuser

Steamet Aroma Diffuser

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Introducing the Steamet Aroma Diffuser – Your All-in-One Relaxation Companion

Transform your living space into a haven of tranquility with our Steamet Aroma Diffuser. This portable and versatile device is designed to cater to all your relaxation needs, combining the soothing benefits of a humidifier, aromatherapy, and a charming night light. Dive into a world of unparalleled comfort and ambience, and here's why you need to make it yours:

A Symphony of Light and Aroma: Our Aroma Diffuser sets the mood with its simulated candlelight lighting effect. Experience the gentle flicker of candlelight, creating an enchanting atmosphere that soothes your senses and adds a touch of elegance to any room. This flickering candlelight effect is designed to transport you to a realm of relaxation and calm.

Easy Aromatherapy Without Hassles: Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional aromatherapy. Our device eliminates the need for cotton filters. Simply add your favorite essential oils directly into the water reservoir and let the magic happen. Breathe in the pure and therapeutic aroma of essential oils, effortlessly.

Safety First, Always: We care about your well-being. Our Aroma Diffuser is equipped with a smart chip that automatically shuts off when water levels are low, preventing any potential damage or accidents. You can enjoy the serenity of our diffuser with complete peace of mind.

Product Information:

  • Function: Aromatherapy
  • Applicable Object: Household
  • Shape: Columnar
  • Model: Candle Light Aroma Diffuser
  • Noise: Below 36dB
  • Operation Mode: Mechanical
  • Number of Fog Outlets: 1
  • Rated Voltage: DC5.0V/1.0A
  • Rated Power: ≤4.5W
  • Color Options: Beige, Black
  • Specifications: USB Version
  • Liner Material: Plastic
  • Standard Capacity: 120ML
  • Shell Technology: ABS/PP/AS
  • Capacity: 120ml


Packing List:

  • Humidifier*1
  • Data Cable*1
  • Manual*1
  • Color Box*1

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  • Great Gift Choice

    I gifted this diffuser, and my friend couldn't be happier. The elegant design and lovely fragrances make it a thoughtful present.

  • Stress Relief in a Box

    This diffuser helps me unwind every evening with its candlelight glow. Adding essential oils is a breeze, and it's become a nightly ritual.

  • Simple, Effective, and Safe

    For an easy, effective aromatherapy experience, this diffuser is a winner. The auto shut-off feature is a bonus for peace of mind.