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Volcano Diffuser

Volcano Diffuser

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Embark on a journey of relaxation and indulgence with our Volcano Diffuser, a masterful fusion of elegance and cutting-edge aromatherapy technology. This exquisite diffuser is meticulously crafted from a blend of premium materials including ABS, PP, PC, and Silicone, ensuring both visual appeal and optimal performance.

Powered by a robust DC24V 500mA source, the Volcano Diffuser operates at a rated power of 9V, creating an enchanting mist with an atomizing quantity ranging from 5 to 30mL per hour. The expansive 350ML tank volume guarantees prolonged sessions of captivating aromatherapy.

The Volcano Diffuser is more than just a device; it's a comprehensive package designed for your convenience. Included accessories feature a certificated adapter for efficient power supply, a user manual for seamless operation, and a remote control for enhanced accessibility.

With its sleek product module and a composition of ABS, PP, and electronic components, the Volcano Diffuser redefines sophistication. Compact in size with dimensions of 155 * 155 * 121mm, it strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Each box contains 27 individual units, packaged with dimensions of 156 * 154 * 159mm. For bulk storage or shipping, the carton dimensions are 475 * 465 * 490mm, ensuring both efficiency and durability.

Select from a range of elegant color designs, including white, black, and wood grain, allowing the Volcano Diffuser to seamlessly integrate into any environment. The net weight of an individual unit, inclusive of the adapter, is 356g, while the net weight for bulk packaging is 15.2Kg, providing a robust and substantial product.

Elevate your surroundings with the Volcano Diffuser – where style, advanced technology, and convenience converge to create an unparalleled aromatherapy experience.

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  • Great Gift Choice

    I gifted this diffuser, and my friend couldn't be happier. The elegant design and lovely fragrances make it a thoughtful present.

  • Stress Relief in a Box

    This diffuser helps me unwind every evening with its candlelight glow. Adding essential oils is a breeze, and it's become a nightly ritual.

  • Simple, Effective, and Safe

    For an easy, effective aromatherapy experience, this diffuser is a winner. The auto shut-off feature is a bonus for peace of mind.