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Cloud Aroma Diffuser

Cloud Aroma Diffuser

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Crafted from high-quality ABS material, this diffuser is a stylish addition to any space, seamlessly blending aesthetics with performance.

The compact design, measuring 180120198mm, ensures a perfect fit for various settings. With a generous capacity of 200ml, it provides sustained aromatherapy without compromising on style.

Powered by a DC5.0V/2.0A source, this diffuser operates with a rated voltage of ≤10W, combining efficiency with reliability. The essential features that define this product include:

  1. Colorful Lighting: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing ambiance with the option to fix the colorful lighting in your preferred shade. Create an atmosphere that suits your mood and surroundings.

  2. Aromatherapy Excellence: Experience the delicate atomization of essential oils, filling your space with captivating fragrances. The diffuser's precision ensures an aromatic journey that is both soothing and invigorating.

  3. 2-Speed Raindrop Flow Rate: Enjoy the calming effect of a raindrop-like flow rate, offering two-speed options to tailor your experience. Find the perfect intensity for your desired ambiance.

  4. Timing Function and Protection: Customize your aromatic experience with the timing function, allowing you to set intervals according to your preference. The diffuser is equipped with water and power outage protection, ensuring longevity and reliability in every use.

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  • Great Gift Choice

    I gifted this diffuser, and my friend couldn't be happier. The elegant design and lovely fragrances make it a thoughtful present.

  • Stress Relief in a Box

    This diffuser helps me unwind every evening with its candlelight glow. Adding essential oils is a breeze, and it's become a nightly ritual.

  • Simple, Effective, and Safe

    For an easy, effective aromatherapy experience, this diffuser is a winner. The auto shut-off feature is a bonus for peace of mind.